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To inquire about any of these items please email
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Local pickup on items is in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
Audiovox Sirius Sat Radio Boombox, with antenna, power cord. Also runs on batteries (Not included) $25.
Not pictured
SOLD - A fairly big electric start but portable is coming. Will run some central a/c's.
Beautiful retro Magnavox console stereo. All functions work except auto load on the turntable. A gear is stripped and I cannot find a replacement. Other than that it sounds great, good AM/FM reception, and also has aux inputs. Its also Quadraphonic, a four channel system from the 1970's. Andy Williams Album pictured not included. Local pickup in Fort Lauderdale area only, (no shipping). Only $100. for this beauty. All solid state, no tubes so it will last.
I also have a used one, $50.00 works great. It is still authorized so it gets all channels, it will go off eventually when it gets the signal, but it could last months before you would need to subscribe (This is just a guess, no guarantee).
Brand new in sealed plastic, SIRIUS Satellite radio for your car, fits ALL MODEL CARS. Direct Connect with RCA connections or FM MODULATOR. Eveything included except subscription.
Remote Control Too
Sirius SC-FM1
REDUCED = $100.
Motorhome 4 sale